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DUI suspect charged with impersonating an officer

Individuals who are stopped on suspicion of DUI will try many things to avoid actual charges. Few suspects, however, will go to the extremes of a man who was stopped by Winter Park police and charged with DUI/DWI.

A Winter Garden deputy was on routine patrol when he noticed red and blue flashing lights approaching him from behind. He pulled over, assuming that the vehicle with flashing lights was driven by another law enforcement officer. As the vehicle, a Dodge Charger, passed, the deputy noticed that it had decorative license plates, according to police reports. No police vehicle would bear such plates. According to the officer's affidavit, the deputy followed the Charger as it allegedly went 66 mph in a 30 mph zone. Other vehicles were forced to yield to the Charger.

Three arrested after alleged burglary and auto theft

An alleged crime spree that began in South Florida came to a sudden end when an Osceola County sheriff's deputy fired his gun at a car as suspects fled, according to authorities. After receiving a report of a burglary at a Bealls Outlet store on South John Young Parkway, sheriff's deputies began searching for three suspects.

According to the sheriff's office, officers found an adult male and two juveniles matching the description at a Speedway Gas Station across the highway from the outlet store. As deputies approached, the three reportedly attempted to flee in a silver Toyota. The car crashed into a police cruiser. Deputies began to approach the Toyota on foot, and the man who was behind the wheel aimed the car at them and began to speed up, according to police. One of the deputies fired his sidearm at the car, and it came to a stop. Police then arrested the three occupants of the vehicle. No one was injured in the incident.

Three women force collision to stop suspected DUI driver

Three Florida women risked injury by forcing a suspected drunk driver to crash into their car to enable police to arrest her. The DUI/DWI incident took place on I-75 near North Fort Meyers.

Three women travelling in a Nissan Sentra noticed a white Chevrolet Cavalier behaving in what they believed to be an erratic fashion. The driver was allegedly weaving between lanes and hitting curbs. When the Chevrolet entered traffic on I-75, the three women followed her. One of the three women called 911 and remained in telephone contact with the police while the driver tried to maintain visual contact with the Chevrolet.

It may still be possible to modify your marital split-up judgment

The divorce process can understandably be challenging, especially if you and your spouse struggle to find common ground when tackling matters such as property division. Once the divorce has been finalized, you may breathe a sigh of relief, as you can finally move on with your own life.

However, just because you and your former spouse are now officially divorced in Florida does not mean the issues that cropped up during your divorce proceeding will not crop up again. You may need to modify your existing divorce judgment if you or your ex experience major changes in your life circumstances following your marital split-up.

Mystery surrounds supposed marriage, divorce of Elle McPherson

Tabloids have been reporting that supermodel Elle McPherson, a resident of Indian Creek in Miami, and her husband, Jeff Soffer, have split up and are getting divorced. These reports have now been complicated by rumors that the pair was never legally married. Soffer is a wealthy real estate developer, and whether the two were officially married could have a significant effect on the division of their assets and whether a divorce proceeding is commenced.

Soffer and McPherson were allegedly married in 2013 on the island of Fiji. The ceremony was described in contemporaneous reports as "intimate," with only a few family and friends in attendance. Recently, however, Soffer has been heard bragging to friends that he and McPherson were never legally married.

Choosing a date for valuing marital assets in a Florida divorce

One of the thorniest problems wealthy couples face when they decide to end their marriage is valuing the assets that they jointly own. Assets acquired by a spouse prior to marriage remain the property of that spouse during the marriage, as do assets such as bequests and gifts, and these assets are not affected by the divorce, unless they are comingled with marital property Couples who have been married for a more than a few years may have seen the value of their jointly owned assets increase significantly. Valuing and dividing these assets may therefore be the most difficult issue when high-asset couples decide to divorce.

The most important question is the date on which the assets must be valued. The valuation date can have a significant impact on calculating the amount of property to which each spouse is entitled. Florida statutory law provides three options: the date on which the divorce petition was filed, the date on which the parties enter into a valid marriage dissolution agreement, or any valuation date established by such an agreement. The statute does not, however, choose one date over another. That choice resides with the trial judge.

Man accused of DUI manslaughter after crash kills deputy's son

A man who has been charged with DUI manslaughter expressed disbelief that he had just killed someone. The police report on the accident quotes the suspect as saying "How could they [sic] have died? The crash wasn't that bad." But, according to police, it was, and the man now faces DUI manslaughter charges.

The defendant was driving a Honda when it collided with a 1992 Buick being driven by the son of a Palm Beach County deputy sheriff's son. The driver of the Buick was pronounced dead at the scene. The driver of the Honda allegedly walked away from the scene of the accident and tried to hide in a nearby garage. Deputies at the scene meanwhile found a cup that they allege smelled of rum.

Golfer Lee Westwood subject to divorce in Florida

The wife of British golfer Lee Westwood, Laurae Westwood, has filed for divorce. The papers were filed in Palm Beach County Court even though Westwood is a native of Great Britain. According to news reports, the divorce is expected to be contested both as to the alleged grounds - infidelity - and the amount of money involved.

The divorce was filed in Florida because the Westwoods lived in the state for five years before splitting up in 2015. Mrs. Westwood has apparently re-established her residence in Scotland. Lee Westwood has allegedly begun living with another woman. In her divorce petition, Mrs. Westwood alleged that her husband has cheated on her with other women. The golfer has denied the allegations, saying that he has not done "anything wrong." The couple has two children, but custody does not appear to be an issue.

Gearing up for back-to-school after divorce

Summer is coming to a close, and many children in Florida are gearing up for the new school year. For parents who divorced over the summer, however, back-to-school time can be more complicated than it was in years past. The following are some tips that may make going back to school after a divorce easier.

First of all, parents should make sure they're on the same page with regards to the child's routines, including how they're going to handle transportation, holidays, sick days, and other activities. It can help to put these plans in writing, and to keep them simple so that it is easier for all parties involved to stick to them.

Paternity rights are not severed with marital ties in divorce

When you first decided to get divorced, you probably had similar worries as other Florida fathers have expressed in the past, such as whether your marital split might negatively affect your relationship with your children. This is apparently a main concern for many fathers who divorce. If you already enjoy an active, happy relationship with your kids, there's no reason to believe that will end just because you and your spouse end your marriage.

That may be the case if all goes well regarding the child-related issues in your divorce. However, it might not be true for those facing unresolved problems regarding these or other divorce-related matters. If you believe the other parent may be threatening your paternal rights, it's crucial to know where to turn for support so you can rectify the situation as soon as possible. As for your relationship with your children, you can do several things to keep it strong.

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