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UCF student accused of selling LSD from dorm room

The sale of drugs on college campuses is neither a new nor unusual phenomenon. However, when a drug sale requires hospitalization of a buyer, the police usually take notice. This sequence of events resulted in the arrest of a student at the University of Central Florida on suspicion of having committed several drug crimes.

The sale took place on November 28, when two students allegedly purchased LSD from the suspect. One of the buyers required hospitalization for his reaction to the drug. Police were alerted by hospital staff, and they interviewed the two buyers. Based on these interviews, police hired an informant who allegedly was able to buy 5 LSD tablets for $40 and some marijuana for $20.

Attempting to cover every scenario concerning child custody

As a parent, you probably consider the well-being of your kids to be a top priority and wish to safeguard them from unnecessary suffering at all costs. However, if you are facing divorce, you might be uncertain how to achieve this goal, especially during such a potentially stressful and emotional period.

However, despite any issues you may experience during this time, your focus may remain on reaching a parenting plan with the needs of your kids at heart. With numerous factors to consider when seeking to reach an acceptable child custody agreement, you might be in search of guidance in the process.

Orlando Uber driver charged with sexually assaulting passenger

Sexual assault seems to be a constant theme in recent headlines. A recent arrest in Orlando has repeated the theme, this time in connection with allegations that an Uber driver sexually assaulted a female passenger while she was drunk.

According to the arrest warrant, the victim called Uber for a ride from her friend's house to a hotel. According to the victim, she passed out while still in the car. The suspect told police that the woman asked him to pull over because she was not feeling well. The defendant says that the woman pulled up her dress, and he noticed that she was not wearing underwear. He said that he assumed from what he saw that the woman wanted to have sex.

How does divorce mediation work in Florida?

Most couples in Florida who decide to end their marriages look for ways to minimize the emotional turmoil that often accompanies the divorce process. One of the most effective methods is mediation, but not many people understand how mediation works or, more importantly, how it can eliminate much of the anger and recrimination from the divorce process.

As the word implies, mediation is a process intended to find a middle ground between two parties who are having a dispute. In a divorce, the dispute can involve child support, visitation, alimony, property division or any or all of the above. Mediation employs a trained and neutral third party to work with the divorcing couple to help them find mutually agreement solutions to their disputes.

Road rage incident on Turnpike leads to gunshots

According to a recent study released by an auto insurance trade organization, Orlando is the sixth worst city in the United States for incidents of road rage. Many drivers in the Orlando area have experienced road rage, either as the initiator or the recipient. Most incidents of road rage involve honking horns, shaking fists and occasionally obscene gestures. After venting their emotions, the parties to the incident usually have no further interaction. An exception to the usual pattern reportedly occurred on November 25, 2017, when an incident of road rage allegedly escalated into the firing of gun shots and charges of attempted homicide.

At about 10:00 a.m., the driver of a Toyota Camry allegedly fired a dozen shots into a Chevrolet Impala traveling south on the Florida Turnpike. Two people in the Chevrolet suffered minor gunshot wounds and were treated at Orlando Regional Medical Center. None of the twelve shots that were allegedly fired into the Chevrolet made a direct hit on any of the victims. Police have stated that the shooting was the outcome of a road rage incident, but no details of the alleged road rage were released.

Fleeing criminal suspect caught by police dog

Many police departments in the Orlando area use highly trained dogs to assist them in their work. Most of these police dogs are deployed for using their acute olfactory abilities to find hidden drugs and other contraband. Occasionally, however, these K-9s are used to help capture fleeing suspects. In a recent incident near Ocala, a police dog used his speed to catch a man suspected of a number of criminal charges in a foot chase that followed a car chase.

A property crimes detective was attempting to arrest the suspect pursuant to a felony arrest warrant. The suspect was staying at a relative's home when the deputy found him. The suspect fled the scene in an automobile that police say had been stolen from a relative. The suspect ultimately returned to his relatives' home, where police found him. When police attempted to arrest the man, he allegedly tried to escape on foot.

Two women charged with thwarting sex crime investigation

The media has lately been filled with stories of sexual harassment of women by powerful men. The Orlando police recently announced two arrests that provide a novel twist to the issue of sexual harassment. Two women have been charged with attempting to thwart a police investigation of sex crimes committed by a 32-year-old male.

The initial criminal conduct involved charges of sexual battery against a 12-year-old girl. The accused offender allegedly sexually abused the girl more than five times. He was arrested on August 22. At the time of his arrest, he told police that he was a "sovereign citizen" and not subject to police control.

Invalidating prenuptial agreements in Florida

Most Florida divorce attorneys will encourage clients to sign prenuptial agreements if the agreement accurately expresses the parties' intentions and if the agreement is not unfair to either party. Nevertheless, some prenuptial agreements turn out to be unenforceable for different reasons. Some agreements are unenforceable because the parties made a simple mistake, such as not signing the agreement until after they became married, and some are unenforceable because one party tried to take advantage of the other. In the latter situation, the enforceability of the premarital agreement could seriously affect the division of marital assets in the event the couple decides to get divorce.

The enforceability of premarital agreements in Florida is governed by a statute known as the Uniform Premarital Agreement Act. The statute establishes the formal requisites for premarital agreements and specifies the grounds on which such agreements can be invalidated. All premarital agreements must be written and signed by both parties before the marriage takes place; the absence of one or both signatures will invalidate the agreement.

Which couple can choose an uncontested divorce?

Florida couples that have made the choice to move forward with a divorce know how difficult that decision can be. It is one that will trigger major life changes, yet for some, it is possible walk through this process in a way that makes it less stressful and complicated than others.

For them, an uncontested divorce is a choice that allows couples to move through the divorce process faster and with fewer complications than a traditional litigated divorce. This is not the right choice in every situation, but if it is the right option for you, you would be wise to seek an understanding of how you can protect your long-term interests.

Mother arrested for DUI allegedly had toddler on her lap

Drunk driving arrests frequently lead to charges of other criminal conduct. The recent arrest of a woman from Edgewater, Florida, demonstrates how what may have been a routine DUI/DWI traffic stop may evolve into a complex investigation of the woman's home life.

The reports indicate that at about 12:30 p.m. Edgewater police received a call about a possible reckless driver. An officer arrived in the area and saw a white Dodge pickup truck "swerving all over the road." The truck also had its hazard lights on. The officer turned on his cruiser lights and gave chase. The suspect allegedly switched lanes and drove off the road, finally becoming stuck in a water-filled median.

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