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Mother arrested for DUI allegedly had toddler on her lap

Drunk driving arrests frequently lead to charges of other criminal conduct. The recent arrest of a woman from Edgewater, Florida, demonstrates how what may have been a routine DUI/DWI traffic stop may evolve into a complex investigation of the woman's home life.

Killing of GOP staffer may involve insanity defense

Florida, like most states, has a statute that specifies the nature and degree of proof required to establish insanity as a defense to a criminal prosecution. A recent homicide in Kissimmee appears likely to bring the insanity defense front and center once again.

Three arrested after alleged burglary and auto theft

An alleged crime spree that began in South Florida came to a sudden end when an Osceola County sheriff's deputy fired his gun at a car as suspects fled, according to authorities. After receiving a report of a burglary at a Bealls Outlet store on South John Young Parkway, sheriff's deputies began searching for three suspects.

Man accused of DUI manslaughter after crash kills deputy's son

A man who has been charged with DUI manslaughter expressed disbelief that he had just killed someone. The police report on the accident quotes the suspect as saying "How could they [sic] have died? The crash wasn't that bad." But, according to police, it was, and the man now faces DUI manslaughter charges.

State employee charged with bribery in Medicare fraud case

Health care fraud is becoming one of the largest categories of white collar crimes across the country, and Florida is no different. To see an example, one need only look at a recent case where an employee of the Florida Agency for Health Care Administration federal criminal charges for allegedly accepting bribes from a wealthy nursing home owner.

Judge tosses DUI plea bargain after defendant late to court

Plea bargains are a common method of resolving criminal cases in Florida. Prosecutors and criminal defense attorneys appreciate the certainty and efficiency of plea bargains, and defendants may be able to escape more serious penalties by accepting a plea agreement and a reduced sentence. In one recent case in Florida, however, a defendant's behavior in court prompted the judge to vacate the plea deal she had accepted.

Accused of possessing a drug such as marijuana? Fight back

If the police have arrested you and taken you into custody for possessing marijuana, this can understandably be frightening, especially if this is your first time going through it. If you end up convicted on a marijuana possession charge, you may face various punishments, including jail time, the suspension of your driver's license and even monetary fines.

Drunk driver may face homicide charges

Many Floridians consume alcohol and then operate a motor vehicle. That choice is seen by a few as low risk because the penalties for drunk driving may not seem overly harsh. (The penalty for a first DUI/DWI offense is a fine of not less than $500 and probation and incarceration for no more than one year.) This calculation can be ruined, however, if a drunk driver has an accident resulting in death or serious bodily injury. A resident of Plant City learned this lesson on the Fourth of July weekend.

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