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Don't let uncertain paternity take away your parental rights

Many individuals may go through their entire lives without any issues regarding the identities of their children. However, you may find yourself in a situation where paternity does come into question, and if you hope to gain rights as a father, you may find the establishing of paternity of particular interest.

Divorce, retirement and QDROs

Dissolving a marriage is never an easy or simple process. Because of this, divorces tend to demand immediate attention, which can make it hard to find the time to thoroughly consider the impact it could have on your future. However, some planning now could make life significantly easier down the road.

Are you a victim of paternity fraud?

There are many alleged injustices related to paternity in family courts. Millions of fathers nationwide, including some in Orlando, Florida, are victims of paternity fraud that has become endemic. While many fathers are obstructed from seeing their children, and forming relationships with them, others are fraudulently named as fathers.

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