Criminal Law Results

1. First ever jury trial in 1978 (DUI)—not guilty.

2. Innocent man convicted of Home Invasion Robbery and sentenced to 25 years in prison. He was represented at trial by another lawyer. He hired David Allen to file an appeal which resulted in a new trial. Second trial result is a not guilty verdict in 40 minutes—he's now free after wrongfully serving 5 years in prison.

3. Eighteen-year-old confesses in his own handwriting to Armed Robbery; claims the detective told him what to write in his confession. The State offers 30 years in prison for a plea; David Allen convinces the jury the detective actually did tell the Defendant what to put in his confession—jury verdict not guilty.

4. Client accused of attacking a woman at Disney World, charged with serious felonies facing up to a 16-year sentence—jury acquits clients of felonies and finds 1 misdemeanor count. Expert witnesses (2 doctors) claiming woman had permanent injury and disfigurement discredited.

Case featured on Court TV for 6 hours of broadcast.

5. Client facing 25-year minimum mandatory prison sentence for Trafficking in heroin—plea negotiated to straight probation and probation is terminated early.

6. Young man charged with attempted 1st Degree Murder after a drive-by shooting in a busy intersection (minimum 20 years to life). Attorney's investigation discovers physical evidence including bullets in the client's vehicle that disproved the "victim's" testimony—jury verdict not guilty.

7. Client charged with 1st Degree Premeditated Murder, facing death penalty—admitting wrapping pillow around pistol and shooting wife to death. Jury convicts of 2nd Degree Murder only—client's life spared from lethal injection.

8. Young adult charged with Attempted Murder of motorcycle police officer by trying to run him over with a car (25-year mandatory prison on conviction). Officer identifies client as the driver. Defense investigation discovers witnesses and makes video reenactment of the crime—client found not guilty.

9. Airline pilot charged with DUI, breathalyzer results 0.16. Investigation proves that his blood-alcohol level could not be that high based upon the evidence—charges reduced.

10. Another airline pilot accused of Stalking his girlfriend and Burglary to her home—domestic violence injunction dismissed against him, and criminal trial verdict finds him not guilty of burglary (saving his pilot's license).

11. Legislative assistant charged with Theft of funds from the office account of a Florida state representative while on the job—jury verdict not guilty.

12. Two-hundred-fifty pound boyfriend stabs 120-pound girlfriend with a knife inside her vehicle—jury verdict not guilty (self-defense).

13. Juvenile facing over 100 years in adult prison on a Violation of Probationsentenced as a youthful offender and released from that program within 18 months.

14. Attorney establishes client's alibi proving he was elsewhere at the time of the crime - not guilty verdict (minimum 20 years to life).

15. Client charged with Child Abuse due to alleged serious injuries inflicted upon a child—charges reduced to negligence and client receives straight probation.

16. Acting pastor of a church (regularly leading services every Sunday) accused of Rape by a church member—jury verdict not guilty.

17. Senior engineer charged with Capital Child Molestation (facing life in prison). Client follows attorney's advice, obtains appropriate counseling and negotiates a plea bargain to straight probation—no jail or prison.

18. Client arrested out of state because of DNA Database identification for being involved in a sex crime. At trial, the State's DNA expert explains how Defendant's DNA was matched to him. Cross-examination reveals DNA likely placed at scene by innocent actions of the client—jury verdict not guilty.

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