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If you or someone you love has been charged with a DUI or DWI, you should seek immediate legal representation. Missing a deadline can cost you your driver's license!

For over 35 years, criminal defense attorney David F. Allen has helped protect the rights and interests of drivers throughout Central Florida through skilled and effective defense strategies. He has handled more than 300 DUI cases and have taken over 50 of those cases to trial.

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Winter Park and Orlando Drunk Driving Defense Attorney

If you have failed or refused to take an Intoxilyzer test, you have only 10 days to challenge the suspension of your driver's license. If you do not file a challenge, your license will be automatically suspended. To effectively protect your driving privileges, it is important to see a lawyer right away.

The Intoxilyzer machine is a complicated instrument that is governed by strict science. Your legal outcome depends on its results. If we can determine that the results of your test are questionable or inaccurate, the judge may exclude the results. Attorney David Allen has in-depth knowledge and strongly developed breath test defense strategies.

He is very familiar with Florida's Intoxilyzer machine, and the scientific complications it can produce. As your Winter Park DUI/DWI defense attorney, he will work to analyze your drinking pattern leading up to your arrest to determine whether or not alcohol had been absorbed into your system. This information can help to reduce charges or dismiss them altogether.

Orlando DUI/DWI Attorney

He believes that thorough, comprehensive investigations are necessary to obtain successful legal outcomes. As your attorney, he will work to gather and assess all of the facts and evidence relating to your arrest. In addition to examining your Intoxilyzer report, Attorney Allen will review your police report to determine whether your arresting officer had probable cause to pull you over, and will also determine whether you were properly given your rights at the time of your arrest. His primary objective will be to get all charges against you dismissed. However, if a dismissal seems unlikely, he will do whatever it takes to minimize your penalties, get your charges reduced or have you acquitted by a jury.

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