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The divorce process can be extremely complex and emotionally difficult for the parties involved. When relationships end, legal issues are best resolved when handled by experienced family law attorneys. From child support to property division, we have successfully handled a wide variety of family law cases.

At Diaz Family Law Firm, we represent divorce clients through every stage of the process. Whether you need a post-divorce modification or representation through a contentious divorce, we can help.

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In Florida, there are five types of divorce proceedings. We have successfully guided clients through divorces ranging from simple to complex. Solutions include:

Uncontested divorce: An uncontested divorce can generally be completed in three months or less. This option is best for couples who are able to resolve the issues of their divorce between themselves, with minimum attorney involvement. As your attorney, I will prepare all relevant documents and will attend the final court hearing. This is a very affordable option.

Contested divorce: When a breakdown in communication occurs between divorcing spouses, a skilled lawyer is often necessary to assist the parties as they advocate for their child custody (time-sharing), child support, alimony or property division interests. We have represented individuals in numerous contested divorce trials. Our ultimate goal is to obtain the best possible results for my clients.

Settlements at mediation: Mediation is a court-ordered process for spouses who cannot initially agree on complicated issues. The parties will be assigned a neutral, third-party mediator who will work to assist them and their attorneys in negotiating an outcome that everyone can agree upon. A marital settlement agreement can be achieved in an economical and time-efficient manner. I know a number of highly qualified mediators who have very high success rates. They are skilled when it comes to keeping emotions and stress levels to a minimum.

Post-divorce proceedings: A post-divorce proceeding may be necessary in a number of scenarios. If one or both of the parties experience a substantial change in circumstances post-divorce, they may petition the court to modify amounts of alimony or child support. Additionally, if parties to a divorce do not abide by the judge's final judgment of divorce, they may be found to be in contempt of court. As an experienced divorce attorney, I have handled all types of matters relating to post-divorce proceedings.

Relocation with minor children: When a custodial parent decides to move with the child or children, he or she must first obtain permission from the noncustodial parent or the court. A relocation is often granted for legitimate purposes such as a new job opportunity. Whether you are the relocating parent or the parent who wishes to prevent the relocation from happening, I will represent you throughout the process.

We offer our clients a FREE CONSULTATION to discuss the legal matters they are facing. We also accept all major credit cards and offer PAYMENT PLANS for more affordable services. To schedule your consultation, call me at 407-599-9000. You may also contact us via e-mail.

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