Family Law Results

1. David Allen represented the father in a contested custody case involving two teenage children. The mother, a public school teacher, tries to use unlawfully obtained evidence against the father. The court excludes the unlawful evidence at attorney Allen's request and orders custody of the children to the father. Mother ordered to pay child support. Mother appeals the case to a higher court and loses.

Case featured in Oprah Magazine, September 2006.

2. David Allen represents the father of 14-year-old daughter in a contested custody case against the mother who is a registered nurse—custody obtained for the father and child support ordered payable by the mother to the father.

3. Mother stages an interstate child abduction, removing two daughters from the father. Children are recovered from the mother who kidnapped the children and hid them from the father in New York and Texas. Family reunited with the father.

4. Permanent alimony and substantial back alimony awarded to disabled wife after only an 8-year marriage—upheld on appeal. Ninety percent of assets awarded to the wife due to husband's behavior in delaying the divorce trial and hiding money.

5. 1993 permanent alimony award against former husband canceled by the court after trial—Judge rules former wife no longer entitled to alimony based upon former husband's loss of income and medical condition. Over $15,000 in back alimony canceled and all future alimony terminated.

6. Magistrate rules primary custody (majority time-sharing) of 2 year old child to 25 year old father. Parents were never married, and mother's unusual behaviors and habits are exposed by the use of Facebook Evidence to persuade court.

7. Court places 4 year old daughter with the father; parties were never married. Diligent and hard-working father the clear choice to raise the child.

DISCLAIMER: All cases and facts are unique and Judge make rulings on the evidence presented by each lawyer.

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