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Paternity case continues to dog baseball star Miguel Cabrera

This blog has previously discussed the domestic issues faced by Detroit Tigers star, Miguel Cabrera, and some of those issues have re-emerged as spring training opens. Cabrera has apparently resolved his differences with his wife, and she has withdrawn her petition for a divorce. However, the woman who has accused Cabrera of fathering her two children is still seeking additional child support.

Cabrera apparently does not challenge the allegation that he is the father of the woman's two children, who were born in 2013 and 2015. Cabrera is listed as the biological father on both birth certificates. He purchased an expensive house in Orlando as a home for the woman and the two children. But, she has filed a lawsuit alleging that Cabrera suddenly reduced his child support payments for the two children.

Man arrested for kidnap threat of pop star

Popular singers and others who perform before large crowds often receive death threats that are not taken seriously by them or by the police. An exception occurred in Orlando on Friday, February 2, when a local man was arrested for attempting to commit violent crimes against pop singer Lana Del Rey.

Police said they received a tip from a caller about a "credible threat" against the singer, who was scheduled to perform that evening at the Amway Center before a crowd of 8,000 people. The suspect allegedly made several posts on social media about the singer; police described the posts as "cryptic and threatening." The defendant was arrested near the Amway Center as he was getting out of an Uber taxi that allegedly transported him from Tampa to Orlando. Police say they found a 3" knife on the suspect when he was arrested.

Mother charged with DUI had four kids in her car

Drunk driving is a serious offense in Florida, regardless of the surrounding circumstances. When young children are in the car, the offense becomes even more serious. An Orlando mother was recently arrested on suspicion of DUI/DWI while she had four young children in the car.

The incident began when the defendant allegedly crashed into the side of another car. Instead of stopping as the law requires, the defendant turned into a cross street and sped away. A witness followed the car and told police that the defendant allegedly drove her car onto the curb. The sound of this impact was heard by a neighbor, who came out to see what happened. She told police that she exclaimed to her husband that she saw children in the car.

Enforcing an order for child support in Florida

The divorce is official. The court has entered an order resolving all issues, including the payment of child support. Now what? Many Floridians have discovered that the entry of the order finally dissolving the marriage does not end the acrimony. One issue that often lasts beyond the divorce proceeding is the non-payment or late payment of child support. Enforcing a court order directing the payment of child support can be a vexing problem.

Florida provides several methods of enforcing child support orders. The state Department of Revenue provides many services that aid in collecting child support payments, including offering e-payment options, locating delinquent parents and receiving and distributing child support payments. If these services are insufficient, the payee parent can request a hearing through the Department of Revenue. If the delinquent parent still refuses to pay, either the department or the parent can file a motion for contempt. If the order for contempt is entered, the defaulting parent will face unpleasant legal consequences, including possible incarceration.

Who gets the debt in our divorce?

If you are like many Florida residents, you have some level of debt hovering over your head. This may not seem like a big deal, until you go to get a divorce. Who is responsible for paying these debts, you or your soon-to-be ex?

When going through the divorce process, you may be more concerned about what positive assets you get to keep. You cannot forget about your negative assets either, though. Someone has to take responsibility for them. They do not just go away because your marriage is over.

Mother with boy in car charged with DUI, other offenses

Anger mixed with alcohol often drives individuals to commit acts that they would avoid if neither of these ingredients were present. A Florida woman is now facing a number of criminal charges because she allegedly let alcohol and anger get the better of her.

The incident began when the suspect smashed into four cars on Interstate 4 just east of Tampa. According to police, the woman got out of her car and began acting "erratically and disturbed," even though the specific behavior was not described. The woman also allegedly allowed her 2-year-old son to wander toward traffic on the highway. Meanwhile, she began urinating on the side of the road. Police also claim that the woman tried to kick one of them as she was being handcuffed.

Disestablishing paternity in Florida

To most Floridians, the word "paternity" means a legal proceeding to determine whether a male is the biological father of a particular minor child. However, the same biological tests that are used to establish paternity can also be used to disestablish paternity, that is, that a male who has been ordered to pay child support is not the biological father of the child in question.

The outcome of a disestablishment proceeding will depend mainly upon the accuracy and validity of various scientific tests that are used to determine whether the child's DNA matches the DNA of the alleged father. Nevertheless, the proceeding has a number of legal steps that must be properly completed before the court can make a decision on the scientific evidence.

Orlando VA suspends doctor accused of DUI

Drunk driving arrests sometimes lead to other kinds of punishment, especially for people who work in closely regulated professions such as law and medicine. The recent arrest of a physician employed by the Orlando Veteran Affairs Medical Center has resulted in his suspension by the hospital until police complete their investigation of the doctor's alleged DUI/DWI violation.

The physician is alleged to have crashed his car into the rear of another vehicle on Dec. 26. The other driver told police that he had two children in his car at the time of the collision. Police at the scene spoke to the doctor and administered various field sobriety tests, including walk-and-turn and one-legged stand. According to police, the doctor performed poorly on both tests and appeared to be lethargic and dazed. Officers then arrested the man.

UCF student accused of selling LSD from dorm room

The sale of drugs on college campuses is neither a new nor unusual phenomenon. However, when a drug sale requires hospitalization of a buyer, the police usually take notice. This sequence of events resulted in the arrest of a student at the University of Central Florida on suspicion of having committed several drug crimes.

The sale took place on November 28, when two students allegedly purchased LSD from the suspect. One of the buyers required hospitalization for his reaction to the drug. Police were alerted by hospital staff, and they interviewed the two buyers. Based on these interviews, police hired an informant who allegedly was able to buy 5 LSD tablets for $40 and some marijuana for $20.

Attempting to cover every scenario concerning child custody

As a parent, you probably consider the well-being of your kids to be a top priority and wish to safeguard them from unnecessary suffering at all costs. However, if you are facing divorce, you might be uncertain how to achieve this goal, especially during such a potentially stressful and emotional period.

However, despite any issues you may experience during this time, your focus may remain on reaching a parenting plan with the needs of your kids at heart. With numerous factors to consider when seeking to reach an acceptable child custody agreement, you might be in search of guidance in the process.

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