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DUI arrest leads to other charges against suspect

When police stop someone because they suspect a case of driving under the influence of alcohol or drugs, the suspect occasionally responds with hostility and threats instead of cooperating with the police. These intemperate responses often result in more serious criminal charges. The recent arrest of a man from Altamonte Springs on charges of DUI demonstrates how the suspect's behavior can go off the rails and significantly worsen the legal situation.

The incident began when a Seminole County police deputy saw the suspect arguing with a woman in a pickup truck while stopped in a parking lot. The truck left the parking lot, but the driver did not turn on the lights. According to the arrest report, the deputy followed the truck and allegedly saw it drift into the oncoming lane of traffic. The officer stopped the truck and attempted to administer a series of field sobriety tests to the driver. The driver allegedly had difficulty with the tests and fell asleep during one such test.

Two suspected felons arrested after fleeing from Wal-Mart Store

The urge to flee is a common response to a confrontation with police or security personnel, but the urge should be resisted because it usually greatly expands the number of criminal complaints available to police. Two people who are alleged to have stolen merchandise from a Wal-Mart Store attempted to elude police and now find themselves facing what police described as a "cornucopia of charges."

The incident began at a Wal-Mart Store in Winter Haven, where a young man and young woman attempted to steal two electric scooters and two hover boards. According to police, when they were confronted by store security personnel, they abandoned the goods and left the store. The pair then drove to another Wal-Mart store in Winter Haven, where they are alleged to have taken two hover boards. The two apparently felt that the electronic anti-theft devices attached to the merchandise would prevent them from leaving the store. They are then alleged to looking for a backpack in which to conceal the goods. They were met at a store exit by the store's loss prevention personnel and four managers. The female member of the pair ran to a car and drove to the exit to pick up the male.

The consequences of failing to pay child support in Florida

Many people in central Florida who obtain a divorce frequently try to escape their obligations to pay child support. The consequences of failing to obey either a court order or a marital dissolution agreement that requires the payment of child support can be serious and should never be taken lightly.

Occasionally, failure to pay child support is the result of an unexpected change in the payor's economic situation, such as losing a job or suffering a disabling injury. In such cases, the obligor spouse can seek relief from the court by bringing a motion to modify the terms of child support. Such a motion must be supported by convincing evidence that such a change is warranted, but making the motion is a much better choice than ignoring the obligation altogether.

Don't pull the plug on custody -- consider virtual visitation

Figuring out your new normal after a divorce can be difficult, especially if you are a parent. You might go from seeing your child every single day to only a handful of days out of the week or even less. If your ex is planning on moving out of state, your visitation with your child could be even more restricted.While there may not be a replacement for in-person interactions, shelling out for a plane ticket or spending hours behind the wheel of a car can be both expensive and time-consuming. This type of frequent back-and-forth travel for visitation is simply not feasible for everyone in Florida. If this is your situation, virtual visitation can supplement your time spent together.

Surveillance video leads to arrest of alleged hit-and-run driver

The widespread use of surveillance video cameras in commercial establishments in Central Florida often provides clues that help police arrest suspected thieves and hit-and-run drivers. The suspect in a recent hit-and-run accident in Titusville was identified because police were able to use an anonymous tip in conjunction with surveillance video to identify and locate the suspect.

The incident began when the suspect allegedly struck a girl who was riding a bicycle near a Titusville gas station. As witnesses began to gather around the victim, the driver was seen in the crowd that was checking on the girl's welfare. The driver waited only a few seconds before witnesses saw him get into his car and leave the scene. One of the witnesses called 911 and reported the incident. The caller described the car as a blue convertible with a tan roof, but the license number was not visible.

Orlando sports bar sees second shooting in five months

A sports bar in Orlando calls itself the "Happy Place." Unfortunately, twice in the last five months the Happy Place has been the scene of fatal shootings. The victim in the second shooting also appears to have been wounded in the earlier incident. In addition to the fatal shootings, the bar experienced another shooting incident in October, but this incident did not result in any fatalities.

The shooting was reported to police at 5:41 a.m. Deputies were called to the bar to break up a fight and stop an alleged battery that included the shooting. By the time police arrived, the victim had already died. According to early reports, the police did not make any arrests and do not appear to have a suspect. Police say they are reviewing surveillance tapes and continuing to investigate the incident.

Internet meeting leads to rendezvous, suspected murder

Many people in Orlando and Central Florida use the internet to find people with similar interests and tastes. Some internet meetings result in friendship or romance, and some have far more tragic consequences. The recent arrest of a man suspected of murder provides an example of two men meeting for friendship and ending in violence.

According to police, the two men first met by exchanging telephone calls on Oct. 4. The two men met later that day, and the victim took several nude photographs of his new friend. Police have alleged that the subject of the photographs shot and killed the other man. According to the arrest warrant in the case, the suspect allegedly showed up at his brother-in-law's house looking for materials to hide and perhaps bury a body. The man is alleged to have asked his brother-in-law how far offshore he would need to travel to dispose of a body. Four days later, the Sarasota County Sheriff's office received notice from the Collier County sheriff's office that they had found the body of the missing man. The body was found wrapped in carpeting and plastic bags near a house under construction.

Brevard County bus driver charged with DUI

Public buses are usually considered among the safest modes of public transportation in Brevard County, but a recent arrest may affect that perception. Police were recently alerted to a potentially catastrophic event by a driver who saw what she described as a "really bad" situation.

The witness told police that she first saw the bus being driven erratically on Dairy Road in Melbourne. She began to follow the bus and called 911 to report what she saw. The witness said that the bus was "swerving everywhere" and appeared to be out of control. Police responded to the call and stopped the bus at a later point on its route. They found a man behind the wheel who allegedly had slurred speech and an unsteady walk. Police also found a red cup next to the driver that contained a liquid that allegedly smelled of alcohol. The man behind the wheel is alleged to have admitted that the liquid contained alcohol.

Strategies to help you achieve an agreeable co-parenting plan

The decision to divorce doesn't necessarily mean that you and your spouse will be locked in a contentious court battle for months on end. To the contrary, it is often quite possible to secure a swift and amicable settlement. Like most Florida parents in similar situations, one of your highest priorities is making sure your children's best interests are a central focus of your divorce proceedings. 

As long as you and your spouse are able to engage in non-confrontational discussion, you may be able to proactively employ several practical ideas to help you forge a fair and agreeable co-parenting plan as you make plans for a new lifestyle with your kids. Even if you get along well with your soon-to-be ex, complex issues may arise that are difficult to resolve; therefore, it's always a good idea to know where to seek support.   

Rebuilding a nest egg after a divorce

Many Winter Park residents plan their financial lives very carefully, but a divorce can upset the most carefully laid plans. Some divorces can reduce retirement plans to financial rubble, leaving one or both former spouses in financial shock. The age of the spouses often affects their ability to recover their financial health, but according to knowledgeable financial planners, no one is without viable solutions.

For example, a Florida man got divorced at age 40, and the divorce, in his words "burned everything to the ground." Fortunately, the man had a financial planning background, and he knew that his age gave him a significant advantage: he would be able to save money and watch it compound for at least 20 years. He is now 61 and getting divorced a second time, but he has built on what he learned after his first divorce and feels that he is better prepared this time.

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