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April 2017 Archives

Florida House unanimously passes new restrictions on fentanyl

The Florida House of Representatives has unanimously passed HB 477, which criminalizes fentanyl trafficking and would allow drug dealers to be charged with manslaughter if their wares contribute to a death. The corresponding Senate bill, SB 150, was confirmed 7-0 in the Senate Judiciary Committee and is awaiting a hearing in the full Senate.

When determining child support, no shenanigans allowed

When it comes to divorce or paternity cases, child support is definitely an issue that brings up a lot of emotion. Although most parents do want to support their children financially, the devil is in the details. Many parents fear they won't receive enough -- or will pay too much.

Another state court strikes down law banning LGBT foster parents

LGBT couples, even married ones, have been banned from being foster parents in Nebraska since 1995. That's extremely unusual; most other states, including Florida, have no official policy one way or another, even when they have other laws approving or restricting LGBT parenting of other types.

Record expungement could provide an invaluable benefit to you

At some point in life, everyone makes a mistake that they regret and which they believe will follow them for the rest of their lives. For you, the mistake may have resulted in criminal charges. Though you likely dealt with the consequences of this action, you could still face negative repercussions for years to come. Because a criminal conviction goes on your record, you could face significant difficulties when it comes to finding employment, applying for living arrangements and various other aspects of your life.

Does Florida law unfairly punish those with a criminal record?

A criminal sentence or plea deal should be about more than just punishment. Any time served, including counseling or community service obligations, is an opportunity for defendants to acknowledge accountability and work toward reentering society.

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