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November 2017 Archives

Invalidating prenuptial agreements in Florida

Most Florida divorce attorneys will encourage clients to sign prenuptial agreements if the agreement accurately expresses the parties' intentions and if the agreement is not unfair to either party. Nevertheless, some prenuptial agreements turn out to be unenforceable for different reasons. Some agreements are unenforceable because the parties made a simple mistake, such as not signing the agreement until after they became married, and some are unenforceable because one party tried to take advantage of the other. In the latter situation, the enforceability of the premarital agreement could seriously affect the division of marital assets in the event the couple decides to get divorce.

Which couple can choose an uncontested divorce?

Florida couples that have made the choice to move forward with a divorce know how difficult that decision can be. It is one that will trigger major life changes, yet for some, it is possible walk through this process in a way that makes it less stressful and complicated than others.

Mother arrested for DUI allegedly had toddler on her lap

Drunk driving arrests frequently lead to charges of other criminal conduct. The recent arrest of a woman from Edgewater, Florida, demonstrates how what may have been a routine DUI/DWI traffic stop may evolve into a complex investigation of the woman's home life.

How do judges in Florida resolve child custody disputes?

Most judges in Florida encourage divorcing couples to work out agreements on emotional issues such as child support and child custody. Unfortunately, some couples are unable to reach an agreement, and the dispute must be decided by the court. Understanding the factors that judges in Florida use in deciding child custody disputes can often help such couples set aside their differences and come to an agreement without going to court.

Are you at risk of taking on your spouse's debt after divorce?

Most Florida residents accumulate some sort of debt during their lifetimes. Some individuals may accrue more liabilities than others, and you may have your fair share of outstanding balances as well. While you certainly do not want your debts to negatively impact your family, you may wonder what will happen to your debts and your spouse's debts in the event that you divorce.

Baseball star embroiled in two-front domestic war in Florida

Baseball star Miguel Cabrera endured the worst season of his career in 2017, and he also faced two lawsuits in Florida courts involving his domestic relationships. The almost-certain Hall of Famer was sued for divorce in Miami-Dade County Court, and for a paternity and support lawsuit in Orange County in a case brought by a woman with whom Cabrera has fathered two children.

Killing of GOP staffer may involve insanity defense

Florida, like most states, has a statute that specifies the nature and degree of proof required to establish insanity as a defense to a criminal prosecution. A recent homicide in Kissimmee appears likely to bring the insanity defense front and center once again.

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