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January 2018 Archives

Who gets the debt in our divorce?

If you are like many Florida residents, you have some level of debt hovering over your head. This may not seem like a big deal, until you go to get a divorce. Who is responsible for paying these debts, you or your soon-to-be ex?

Mother with boy in car charged with DUI, other offenses

Anger mixed with alcohol often drives individuals to commit acts that they would avoid if neither of these ingredients were present. A Florida woman is now facing a number of criminal charges because she allegedly let alcohol and anger get the better of her.

Disestablishing paternity in Florida

To most Floridians, the word "paternity" means a legal proceeding to determine whether a male is the biological father of a particular minor child. However, the same biological tests that are used to establish paternity can also be used to disestablish paternity, that is, that a male who has been ordered to pay child support is not the biological father of the child in question.

Orlando VA suspends doctor accused of DUI

Drunk driving arrests sometimes lead to other kinds of punishment, especially for people who work in closely regulated professions such as law and medicine. The recent arrest of a physician employed by the Orlando Veteran Affairs Medical Center has resulted in his suspension by the hospital until police complete their investigation of the doctor's alleged DUI/DWI violation.

UCF student accused of selling LSD from dorm room

The sale of drugs on college campuses is neither a new nor unusual phenomenon. However, when a drug sale requires hospitalization of a buyer, the police usually take notice. This sequence of events resulted in the arrest of a student at the University of Central Florida on suspicion of having committed several drug crimes.

Attempting to cover every scenario concerning child custody

As a parent, you probably consider the well-being of your kids to be a top priority and wish to safeguard them from unnecessary suffering at all costs. However, if you are facing divorce, you might be uncertain how to achieve this goal, especially during such a potentially stressful and emotional period.

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