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The consequences of failing to pay child support in Florida

Many people in central Florida who obtain a divorce frequently try to escape their obligations to pay child support. The consequences of failing to obey either a court order or a marital dissolution agreement that requires the payment of child support can be serious and should never be taken lightly.

Don't pull the plug on custody -- consider virtual visitation

Figuring out your new normal after a divorce can be difficult, especially if you are a parent. You might go from seeing your child every single day to only a handful of days out of the week or even less. If your ex is planning on moving out of state, your visitation with your child could be even more restricted.While there may not be a replacement for in-person interactions, shelling out for a plane ticket or spending hours behind the wheel of a car can be both expensive and time-consuming. This type of frequent back-and-forth travel for visitation is simply not feasible for everyone in Florida. If this is your situation, virtual visitation can supplement your time spent together.

Surveillance video leads to arrest of alleged hit-and-run driver

The widespread use of surveillance video cameras in commercial establishments in Central Florida often provides clues that help police arrest suspected thieves and hit-and-run drivers. The suspect in a recent hit-and-run accident in Titusville was identified because police were able to use an anonymous tip in conjunction with surveillance video to identify and locate the suspect.

Orlando sports bar sees second shooting in five months

A sports bar in Orlando calls itself the "Happy Place." Unfortunately, twice in the last five months the Happy Place has been the scene of fatal shootings. The victim in the second shooting also appears to have been wounded in the earlier incident. In addition to the fatal shootings, the bar experienced another shooting incident in October, but this incident did not result in any fatalities.

Internet meeting leads to rendezvous, suspected murder

Many people in Orlando and Central Florida use the internet to find people with similar interests and tastes. Some internet meetings result in friendship or romance, and some have far more tragic consequences. The recent arrest of a man suspected of murder provides an example of two men meeting for friendship and ending in violence.

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