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December 2018 Archives

Modifying an order for alimony after a divorce in Florida

Once a divorce is concluded, either by agreement of the parties or a court order, the parties often believe that the process is finished. Unfortunately, life can be uncertain, and the circumstances of one or both spouses can change in unforeseen ways after a divorce becomes final. The Florida legislature has established a procedure for modifying the terms of a marital termination agreement or order for divorce with respect to alimony if the party seeking change can meet the evidentiary requirements of the statute.

Five Florida teenagers arrested after a night of crime

Five Orlando teenagers recently engaged in a nighttime smorgasbord of criminal activity until they were arrested by the Polk County Sheriff's Office. The alleged crimes range from grand theft auto to minor theft. Several law enforcement offices were involved in tracking and arresting the suspects.

What should my child support pay for?

After a divorce, you still have a legal responsibility to provide financial support and stability for your child. This usually manifests in a child support order. However, like many Florida parents, you might not understand why you are paying your current amount and what it will cover.

Dealing with parental relocation after a Florida divorce

After the end of a divorce proceeding and the issuance of an order awarding child custody, many residents of central Florida assume that the worst part of the process is over and that their lives will once again become stable. Unfortunately, life is uncertain, and future events can cause almost as much disruption as the divorce. One of the most troubling events is the relocation of the custodial parent and the child to another state.

DUI arrest leads to other charges against suspect

When police stop someone because they suspect a case of driving under the influence of alcohol or drugs, the suspect occasionally responds with hostility and threats instead of cooperating with the police. These intemperate responses often result in more serious criminal charges. The recent arrest of a man from Altamonte Springs on charges of DUI demonstrates how the suspect's behavior can go off the rails and significantly worsen the legal situation.

Two suspected felons arrested after fleeing from Wal-Mart Store

The urge to flee is a common response to a confrontation with police or security personnel, but the urge should be resisted because it usually greatly expands the number of criminal complaints available to police. Two people who are alleged to have stolen merchandise from a Wal-Mart Store attempted to elude police and now find themselves facing what police described as a "cornucopia of charges."

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