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How does alimony work in the state of Florida?

You are getting a divorce and you want to know what your financial picture will look like when all is complete. Planning ahead is good, particularly if you are not sure if your dissolution settlement will include an alimony order. In the state of Florida, the awarding of alimony certainly is a possibility; however, every divorce case is different, and there are no guarantees that a judge will award it.

Can an order for child support from a Florida court be modified?

Florida judges generally devote a substantial amount of energy into devising an order for child support that will serve the child's best interests and be fair to both parents. Sometimes, however, the parents' or the child's circumstances change after an order for child support is entered, and the change in circumstances may motivate one of the parents to seek a modification of the original order.

Alleged drunk driver charged with killing two pedestrians

Drunk driving often leads to other crimes, some of which are serious. Drunk drivers often exercise poor judgment, and this can frequently result in more serious offenses. According to reports, a man from Palm Bay, Florida was recently charged with killing two pedestrians while he was allegedly driving under the influence of alcohol.

Proving paternity in Florida

In Florida, a child born to a man and woman who are married is conclusively believed to be the biological child of the man. Unfortunately, children who are born to women who are not married may not have a clear idea of the identity of their father. Without a determination of paternity, such children may live in poverty with their mother because the unknown father cannot be ordered to pay child support. In order to close this gap in the family welfare net, the state has established judicial procedures for determining the identity of a child's father.

Alleged DUI suspect worsens situation by making racist threats

Florida residents who are suspected of driving under the influence of alcohol or drugs often make their situations worse by insulting or threatening police officers after they have been arrested. A woman from Volusia County recently had this experience while she was being investigated on DUI charges.

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