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April 2019 Archives

How mediation helps divorcing couples settle their disputes

Many couples in Central Florida who are considering ending their marriages worry about the emotional stress that will be inflicted upon themselves and their children. Also, many divorcing spouses view the other spouse as a bottomless pit of anger and vitriol who will use every disagreement as a weapon to inflict emotional pain. Florida courts have established a procedure which, if understood and used properly, can eliminate much of the anger, speed up the process and, most beneficially, reduce the cost of the proceeding.

Uncontested divorce is the right choice for some Florida couples

Divorce is never an easy process, but there are some options available to Florida couples that may make it a bit easier. When you think of divorce, a picture of two people yelling at each other in a courtroom may come to mind, but that is not a realistic picture of what it could be like for you.

Understanding Florida bankruptcy exemptions

Many people in central Florida who are considering filing a bankruptcy petition worry that all of their property, including their home, will be taken from them to pay the claims of creditors. If a person seeks discharge of all of their debts in a Chapter 7 proceeding, most, if not all, of their assets will indeed be sold to provide cash to pay creditors. In a Chapter 13 proceeding, debtors may be able to keep a significant portion of their assets by working out a satisfactory repayment plan. Regardless of which bankruptcy proceeding is selected, Florida law permits debtors to declare certain assets "exempt" from the claims of creditors. The list of exemptions is quite long, but the major exemptions can be easily summarized.

Understanding how the automatic stay works in bankruptcy

Many people in Central Florida think of bankruptcy as a dark, twisted road with an unknown outcome. While the end of a bankruptcy case cannot always be accurately predicted, virtually every personal bankruptcy case begins with the same event: the issuance of a court order called the "automatic stay." The automatic stay provides the debtor with immediate protection from collection actions by creditors while the evaluation of the debtor's assets proceeds.

Police officer charged with DUI after causing four-vehicle crash

Police officers are usually viewed as community leaders in addition to their role as enforcers of the law. Whenever a police officer is arrested and charged with a crime, the community takes notice. The recent arrest of a police officer from St. Cloud, Florida and accusation of a DUI offense jumped to the top of the news recently.

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