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May 2019 Archives

Opioid addiction leaves more grandparents raising grandkids

When someone falls victim to opioid dependency or another form of substance abuse, the silent victims are often family members who must cope with the absent loved one or even pick up the responsibilities the addict can no longer handle. More often these days, silent victims are the children of the addicts.

The basics of determining child custody in a divorce in Florida

Most parents living in central Florida are aware that the custody of their children will be one of the most important and potentially contentious issues if they should decide to end their marriage or relationship. Yet, the process for making this decision is sometimes obscure. In order to achieve the best outcome for all parties, the parents should make an effort to understand the basic elements of the legal process that will determine child custody, visitation rights and child support.

Helping parents in Winter Park with custody and visitation issues

Child custody can be a deeply contentious issue in any divorce or separation involving children. Parents naturally have strong feelings about where their child should live and how they should be brought up. The laws are complex, and emotions can be at a fever pitch. Understanding family law options can be invaluable to parents who are navigating the child custody process.

The advantages and disadvantages of reaffirming a debt

Most people in Central Florida who decide to file a petition for bankruptcy expect to have all their debts wiped out when the proceeding concludes. What many of these people do not realize is that some debts may be "reaffirmed" - that is, they may decide to shield certain debts from the discharge powers of the bankruptcy court.

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