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Enforcing an order to pay child support in Florida courts

One of the biggest post-divorce headaches in Florida is enforcing an order to pay child support. Some spouses who are ordered to pay child support to a former spouse simply ignore the order. Some former spouses are unable to pay child support because of an expected change in financial circumstances. And, some ex-spouses will use the extreme measure of leaving Florida to defeat any judicial efforts to enforce a child support order. Fortunately for the ex-spouse who is entitled to receive support, Florida law provides several remedies.

Relocation of a child after divorce is final

Most central Floridians know that life can be uncertain and that change may the only enduring life experience for some people. Change, especially unexpected or abrupt change, can be especially difficult if minor children are involved. One of the most complex experiences can be the decision of a custodial parent to relocate his or her principal residence. Florida law has provisions for two types of moves: an agreement between the child's parents or an order of the court.

Divorce: Is it prompting a need for bankruptcy in your case?

Are you one of many Florida residents who are planning to file or currently preparing for divorce proceedings? If so, you likely have a lot on your mind, especially if you have children, own a business or have serious financial concerns. It's no secret that it costs money to divorce. It's also no secret that not every break-up is amicable.

Dividing property in a divorce case in Florida

When couples who live in central Florida decide to end their marriages, one of their biggest concerns is the division of property. Many worry about being impoverished by an order that unfairly splits their assets and "gives everything" to the other person. An understanding of the basic mechanisms of property division in a divorce case in Florida can rebut this unrealistic assumption and help both parties make a sound judgment about whether to proceed with the divorce.

Calculating child support in a Florida divorce

Most residents of Central Florida are aware that the state legislature has enacted a law that establishes minimum levels determining the amount of child support that must be paid to the parent having physical custody of the child. This law, colloquially known as child support "guidelines," has a number of exceptions and qualifications that can affect a court's final determination of the amount of support that must be paid.

Understanding the "best interests of the child"

One of the most widely used terms in Florida divorces involving minor children is the "best interests of the child." Courts use this broad, and not altogether specific, term to decide custody disputes, determine how much child support should be paid and other questions about the post-divorce status of the children. Any couple with minor children who may be contemplating a divorce should be familiar with the basic concepts that govern the best interests of the child.

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