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Defending your interests against cyber crime charges

Florida readers know that facing any type of criminal charge is a serious situation. Convictions of both misdemeanors and felony offenses can result in time behind bars, expensive fines and implications that will affect a defendant's personal life as well. Regardless of the type of criminal charge, there is a lot at stake.

Who gets the debt in our divorce?

If you are like many Florida residents, you have some level of debt hovering over your head. This may not seem like a big deal, until you go to get a divorce. Who is responsible for paying these debts, you or your soon-to-be ex?

Attempting to cover every scenario concerning child custody

As a parent, you probably consider the well-being of your kids to be a top priority and wish to safeguard them from unnecessary suffering at all costs. However, if you are facing divorce, you might be uncertain how to achieve this goal, especially during such a potentially stressful and emotional period.

Which couple can choose an uncontested divorce?

Florida couples that have made the choice to move forward with a divorce know how difficult that decision can be. It is one that will trigger major life changes, yet for some, it is possible walk through this process in a way that makes it less stressful and complicated than others.

Are you at risk of taking on your spouse's debt after divorce?

Most Florida residents accumulate some sort of debt during their lifetimes. Some individuals may accrue more liabilities than others, and you may have your fair share of outstanding balances as well. While you certainly do not want your debts to negatively impact your family, you may wonder what will happen to your debts and your spouse's debts in the event that you divorce.

It may still be possible to modify your marital split-up judgment

The divorce process can understandably be challenging, especially if you and your spouse struggle to find common ground when tackling matters such as property division. Once the divorce has been finalized, you may breathe a sigh of relief, as you can finally move on with your own life.

Paternity rights are not severed with marital ties in divorce

When you first decided to get divorced, you probably had similar worries as other Florida fathers have expressed in the past, such as whether your marital split might negatively affect your relationship with your children. This is apparently a main concern for many fathers who divorce. If you already enjoy an active, happy relationship with your kids, there's no reason to believe that will end just because you and your spouse end your marriage.

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