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Police resort to CCTV, photos and sketches in search for suspect

Police have many tools at their disposal when they are searching for criminal suspects. Virtually all of them have been used this past week as the Orlando Police Department search for a man believed to have committed a series of robberies in Orlando and Winter Garden.

Authorities try to slow production and sale of forged documents

Despite the advent of computers and mobile devices, people must still depend upon paper or plastic for items such as drivers' licenses, Social Security cards, green cards and the like. People who need one or more of these documents and who are not legally eligible for them must turn to people who sell forged documents. Central Florida has been described as a hotbed of such crimes.

Driver trying to elude police runs light, kills another driver

Trying to escape the police is never a sound idea, especially when the escape attempt involves driving at an excessive speed. A Florida man is learning this lesson after his attempt to out-distance the Florida Highway Patrol on I-75 resulted in the death of another driver and the imposition of several serious criminal charges.

Suspect allegedly staged break-in to cover up girlfriend's murder

People who are afraid of being charged with a serious crime will often go to great lengths to conceal their crime. A man living in Dunnellon, Florida, was recently arrested and charged with a number of violent crimes in connection with the shooting death of the woman he lived with.

Man arrested for kidnap threat of pop star

Popular singers and others who perform before large crowds often receive death threats that are not taken seriously by them or by the police. An exception occurred in Orlando on Friday, February 2, when a local man was arrested for attempting to commit violent crimes against pop singer Lana Del Rey.

Mother charged with DUI had four kids in her car

Drunk driving is a serious offense in Florida, regardless of the surrounding circumstances. When young children are in the car, the offense becomes even more serious. An Orlando mother was recently arrested on suspicion of DUI/DWI while she had four young children in the car.

Mother with boy in car charged with DUI, other offenses

Anger mixed with alcohol often drives individuals to commit acts that they would avoid if neither of these ingredients were present. A Florida woman is now facing a number of criminal charges because she allegedly let alcohol and anger get the better of her.

Orlando VA suspends doctor accused of DUI

Drunk driving arrests sometimes lead to other kinds of punishment, especially for people who work in closely regulated professions such as law and medicine. The recent arrest of a physician employed by the Orlando Veteran Affairs Medical Center has resulted in his suspension by the hospital until police complete their investigation of the doctor's alleged DUI/DWI violation.

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