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Nurse accused of stealing 10,000 painkillers and other meds

Employees of institutions that use prescription pain killers to treat patients are often tempted to feed their own drug habit by stealing drugs from their employer. Such thefts increase costs to patients who need the drugs and feed the addiction of the employee. In a recent example of such a drug crime, law enforcement officers in Hernando County recently arrested a nurse for allegedly stealing pain killers from the institution where she worked.

Fatal hit-and-run driver arrested

Panic is a common reaction when a driver thinks that he has struck another vehicle or a pedestrian, and flight is too often the behavior that ensues. Unfortunately, flight often worsens the situation for the driver. In a recent example of this phenomenon, the Florida Highway Patrol announced the arrest of a man they allege fled the scene of a fatal collision involving a bicycle rider in Orlando in June.

Florida man offers novel defense to DUI charge

Readers of this blog may understand just how serious drunk driving charges can be. Therefore, it is important for those facing DUI charges to formulate a strong criminal defense strategy. In what appears to be a novel approach to countering DUI charges, a Florida man gave an unusual defense statement when he was arrested in Vero Beach after being accused of drunk driving.

DUI suspect literally goes kicking and screaming to jail

The phrase "kicking and screaming" is often used metaphorically to describe someone who performs a task while expressing intense objection to it. A literal instance of the phrase recently occurred when Melbourne police arrested a woman on suspicion of drunk driving.

Three men charged with Fruitland Park murder

Some criminal suspects are arrested very soon after they committed a crime. Others remain free while police investigators gather evidence and compile information that will lead to identifying the suspects. On April 10, 2018, a man was shot to death in his garage in Fruitland Park. Police have just now announced that three suspects have been arrested and charged with the murder.

Carjacking suspect captured in Tampa

On the morning of April 25, four carjackings occurred along I-4 between Orlando and Tampa. According to police, the crimes all occurred with the space of an hour. The suspect first stole a 2009 Cadillac in Orlando around 10:00 a.m. The Cadillac was spotted being driven into Hillsborough County. The car was involved in a minor collision, and the suspect abandoned the vehicle near an I-4 entrance ramp. According to witnesses, he ran across the exit ramp into a nearby residential area. A resident allegedly watched the suspect steal his pick-up truck. The man then followed the suspect in his other car to a Marathon gas station.

Police resort to CCTV, photos and sketches in search for suspect

Police have many tools at their disposal when they are searching for criminal suspects. Virtually all of them have been used this past week as the Orlando Police Department search for a man believed to have committed a series of robberies in Orlando and Winter Garden.

Authorities try to slow production and sale of forged documents

Despite the advent of computers and mobile devices, people must still depend upon paper or plastic for items such as drivers' licenses, Social Security cards, green cards and the like. People who need one or more of these documents and who are not legally eligible for them must turn to people who sell forged documents. Central Florida has been described as a hotbed of such crimes.

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