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Protecting special needs children in divorce

No divorce is pleasant, but a divorce that involves custody and support for a child with special needs can be orders of magnitude more complex and heart wrenching than a divorce without such issues. The key is to begin planning for the child as soon as the divorce becomes more than a mere possibility.

Ignoring child support obligation in Florida has consequences

Some Florida residents wind up being deeply unhappy about the terms of their divorce decree. One of the issues that causes the most unhappiness is an order directing one spouse to pay child support to the other. Even though Florida laws are clear on which spouse should pay child support and on how much should be paid, many divorced parents who have been ordered to pay child support refuse to accept the effect of the court's order. Instead of complying with the order, they simply refuse to pay, or pay less than has been ordered or pay later than the order requires. Many parents who must pay child support to their former spouse underestimate the seriousness of ignoring the court's order.

Enforcing an order to pay child support in Florida courts

One of the biggest post-divorce headaches in Florida is enforcing an order to pay child support. Some spouses who are ordered to pay child support to a former spouse simply ignore the order. Some former spouses are unable to pay child support because of an expected change in financial circumstances. And, some ex-spouses will use the extreme measure of leaving Florida to defeat any judicial efforts to enforce a child support order. Fortunately for the ex-spouse who is entitled to receive support, Florida law provides several remedies.

Calculating child support in a Florida divorce

Most residents of Central Florida are aware that the state legislature has enacted a law that establishes minimum levels determining the amount of child support that must be paid to the parent having physical custody of the child. This law, colloquially known as child support "guidelines," has a number of exceptions and qualifications that can affect a court's final determination of the amount of support that must be paid.

Can an order for child support from a Florida court be modified?

Florida judges generally devote a substantial amount of energy into devising an order for child support that will serve the child's best interests and be fair to both parents. Sometimes, however, the parents' or the child's circumstances change after an order for child support is entered, and the change in circumstances may motivate one of the parents to seek a modification of the original order.

The consequences of failing to pay child support in Florida

Many people in central Florida who obtain a divorce frequently try to escape their obligations to pay child support. The consequences of failing to obey either a court order or a marital dissolution agreement that requires the payment of child support can be serious and should never be taken lightly.

Circumstances that may warrant changes in child support

Children deserve to receive emotional and financial support from their parents. When parents live together, they often pool their resources to provide their children with the best care that they can as a united couple. However, when parents separate or divorce it can be more difficult for them to provide for their kids as they live in separate households.

Review of Florida's child support guidelines

As this blog has discussed on previous occasions, Florida has a set of child support guidelines that are supposed to apply to all parents in Winter Park who are living in separate homes and have children whom they legally must work to together to provide for financially. The idea behind these guidelines is to make sure that child support is fair and is relatively consistent across the state.

Britney Spears' ex-husband wants more child support

Former spouses commonly seek to amend the court's order for child support as circumstances change after the marriage is officially over. Petitions to either increase or decrease the amount of child support are common in Orlando and Winter Park. When celebrities get divorced, their lives also take unexpected turns, which may lead to requests for more child support. An example at the moment is pop singer Britney Spears and her ex-husband, Kevin Federline.

Paternity case continues to dog baseball star Miguel Cabrera

This blog has previously discussed the domestic issues faced by Detroit Tigers star, Miguel Cabrera, and some of those issues have re-emerged as spring training opens. Cabrera has apparently resolved his differences with his wife, and she has withdrawn her petition for a divorce. However, the woman who has accused Cabrera of fathering her two children is still seeking additional child support.

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