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Police officer charged with DUI after causing four-vehicle crash

Police officers are usually viewed as community leaders in addition to their role as enforcers of the law. Whenever a police officer is arrested and charged with a crime, the community takes notice. The recent arrest of a police officer from St. Cloud, Florida and accusation of a DUI offense jumped to the top of the news recently.

Alleged drunk driver charged with killing two pedestrians

Drunk driving often leads to other crimes, some of which are serious. Drunk drivers often exercise poor judgment, and this can frequently result in more serious offenses. According to reports, a man from Palm Bay, Florida was recently charged with killing two pedestrians while he was allegedly driving under the influence of alcohol.

Alleged DUI suspect worsens situation by making racist threats

Florida residents who are suspected of driving under the influence of alcohol or drugs often make their situations worse by insulting or threatening police officers after they have been arrested. A woman from Volusia County recently had this experience while she was being investigated on DUI charges.

Alleged intoxication of wrong-way driver causes fatal collision

Most modern highways are designed to make entering or leaving traffic lanes easy and safe, but drivers can become confused about which lane they are using or how to enter that lane. Such confusion can lead to fatal consequences, as proved by a recent head-on collision between an apparent wrong-way driver and another vehicle.

Driver charged with vehicular manslaughter

Traffic accidents can produce any number of sad or ironic outcomes. As the result of a three-vehicle accident in Lake County on April 1, 2018, a woman was recently arrested and charged with vehicular homicide for allegedly causing an accident that killed her boyfriend. According to the police report, alcohol appeared to be the principal causative factor.

Alleged escapees come to Orlando for crime spree

Half-way houses are intended to provide opportunities for convicted criminals to master their anti-social instincts and habits and learn how to fit into society. Sometimes, however, people who live in half-way houses do not see or take advantage of these benefits. According to reports, a pair of teenagers living in a Fort Myers half-way house recently escaped and fled to Orlando, where they allegedly engaged in a spree of petty crimes.

How to expunge a criminal record in Florida

Many residents of Florida have been wrongly charged with a crime or have been acquitted after a trial before a judge or jury. A common question after the criminal proceeding has been completed is whether Florida maintains a record of the charges or the proceeding. The answer is "yes," giving rise to the second question: Can the record be erased?

Harry Potter's World alleged to be lure for attempted kidnaping

The Wizarding World of Harry Potter near Orlando has proven to be very popular with both children and their parents. One of the most popular parts of the park is the simulated train station where people can watch the fabled Hogwarts Express depart for the wizard training academy. Unfortunately, reports have emerged that an alleged kidnapper attempted to use the exhibit's popularity to kidnap a young girl on New Year's Eve.

Mother accused of DUI with child in car

Any time that a child is involved in a crime committed by an adult, the penalties for the adult may be much harsher that if the child had not been present. A common example is an arrest for suspected drunk driving where the officer discovers that a child was in the car while the adult was engaged in DUI. A recent arrest in Flagler County demonstrates this point.

Titusville man charged in robbery at McDonald's

Television programs often show citizens heroically preventing a robbery or theft, even when the criminal possesses a firearm. Police officers, on the other hand, will usually advise citizens to avoid confronting armed individuals who appear to be intent on committing a crime. Moreover, citizens should let police tend to the investigation of the crime scene and apprehension of the alleged criminal. An attempted robbery of a McDonald's Drive-in Titusville on Christmas night occurred recently that lead to criminal charges for one suspect.

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